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FSC RAID 10 oder 50 Array MegaRAID Controller PDF Drucken

How do I create RAID 10 or RAID 50 array on a MegaRAID controller?

RAID 10 is multiple RAID 1 arrays spanned into one volume, and RAID 50 is multiple RAID 5 arrays spanned.

To create a RAID 10 or RAID 50 array you must make the corresponding RAID 1's or RAID 5's then span them.

To create a RAID 10 from four drives in MegaRAID Configuration Utility (CTRL-M):

  • Go to New Configuration, press Enter, then select Yes to proceed.
  • Select the first two drives by highlighting the appropriate drive then
     pressing the space bar for each one.   
  • Press Enter to create span number one. 
  • Select the next two drives and press Enter to create span number two.
  • repeat this step for additional spans (span # 3, etc)
  • Press Enter one more time to end the array.  A configuration screen displays
     showing a RAID 1 with SPANNING set to YES.  This indicates a RAID 10 array
     and not RAID 1. 
  • Set the advanced options, then Accept the array, press Enter twice, and save
     the configuration. Creating a RAID 50 is similar.
     You create multiple RAID 5s then span them.
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